You Don’t Want That, You Want The Way That Makes You Feel | #OnTrackWithLF S3 E13

Season #3

What if the one thing you thought you wanted most in life turned out not to be a thing at all, but a feeling? In this episode I cover how we often mistake our longing for feelings of accomplishment, security, and beauty for a pursuit of just material possessions themselves. Even money, houses, cars - once our basic human needs are met, it’s not these items we crave, but in fact the feelings they represent. I posted a short video about this on TikTok which went viral, and got me a ton of subscribers on YouTube - and here I unpack the thoughts behind that video a bit and challenge you to consider how you can give yourself the gift of the feelings you think you might get from some of the things you want, today. (0:00:00) - Prioritizing Feelings Over Material Possessions (4 Minutes) Discuss the idea of wanting the feelings that come with material things rather than the things themselves. Financial security is a need, not a want, and if you are living in a first world country and have a job and roof over your head, this concept can still be beneficial to you. Here we address the elephant in the room and clear up any confusion about money and needs vs. wants. (0:03:52) - Seeking Feelings in Material Things (7 Minutes) We explore the idea of wanting the feelings that come with material things rather than the things themselves. We use financial security as an example of a need and discuss how it can make us feel secure and safe. We move on to talk about houses, cars, and toys and how they can make us feel a sense of accomplishment, flexibility, or even being a good parent. We then examine the idea of why these material things should not be the source of our fulfillment and happiness. Lastly, we discuss the importance of seeking those feelings elsewhere and what happens if we can't find those feelings. (0:11:08) - Joy of Feeling Accomplished and Beautiful (1 Minutes) We explore the idea that instead of buying material things to make ourselves happy, we should focus on the feelings that come with those things. We discuss ways to give ourselves the gift of feeling that today.