Hi! I'm Lani, and I'm here to get your life + business on track. In 2019 I founded Fogelberg Consulting off the back of a successful career in commercial finance, and have since worked with multimillion-dollar businesses around the world.

After consulting for a while I knew I wanted to impact more people than what I could working with larger businesses alone, so in 2021 I set out to create ways of working with ambitious small business owners, solopreneurs, and "almost founders". On this site you'll find the digital products and services I've designed especially with those people in mind.

I've crafted a life that brings me so much joy and satisfaction through my work, and gives me the freedom to pursue the other things I'm passionate about - and I want you to feel the same sense of achievement and satisfaction in your life and business!

This is also why I started my podcast On Track with Lani Fogelberg, which covers the inside story of success and everything it takes to excel in life and business.

Coming from a track-record of personal and business success and having walked the walk, my goal now is simple: To help you achieve yours.


On Track is a group of like-minded business owners working to create true success. It's all the business smarts of Fogelberg Consulting at an accessible price for self-employed individuals, small business owners and solopreneurs, and includes free access to an online business foundations program.

"Business Success Express" was created in response to consistently getting asked this one question:

How do I get started in business?

Learn more about it below. 

If you're overwhelmed, lacking direction, or feeling alone in your business, remember: It doesn't have to be that way! With the right direction, systems, and people, you can be unstoppable.



Head to your favourite podcast listening platform to get all the advice and inspiration you need to succeed and feel motivated.

On Track with Lani Fogelberg was named for that exact reason - to help get you on track!

Covering all things mindset, success, business, and everything in between - with a healthy dose of laughs, of course - episodes are short and sweet, so you can simply listen, and get out there and make things happen.

You can also watch each episode on YouTube.