Self-Awareness, Your Success, And What It Does For Others | #OnTrackWithLF S3 E11

Season #3

Ever wondered why you are struggling to succeed? Could there be barriers you're not aware of, hindering your path to success? In today's episode, we dig into the hidden obstacles you might be facing - either ones that come from within you, or from other people. Societal barriers or the ones we put on ourselves can have a catastrophic effect on our growth and achievement of goals, so I really want to share one thing that can help reduce how much we encounter these barriers and trigger us to do something about our behaviour.

That secret weapon? Cultivating self-awareness. The more we understand ourselves, the better we can combat these challenges, achieve a higher level of performance, and inspire or support those around us - because we all deserve to be successful. Buckle up, this journey to self-discovery and success begins now!