The Rise of Soft Girl Era: Empowering Self-Care and Well-being | #OnTrackWithLF S3 E8

Season #3

Have you ever wondered about the cultural phenomenon known as the Soft Girl Era and how it's influencing our lives in 2023? And it's not just for the girlies! Join me as I take you on a fascinating journey exploring the origins of this trend, its visual elements, mindset, and the inspiration it draws from Kawaii culture, Y2K fashion, and the e-girl aesthetic. Discover how celebrities are embracing the Soft Girl Era and why it has gained popularity as a form of revolt against societal norms, incorporating self-care and self-compassion. In this episode, I also share my personal experience of how the Soft Girl Era has impacted my decision-making, particularly in my business. Learn how adopting this gentler approach has allowed me to prioritize my well-being while still working hard and respecting myself. We'll discuss the importance of setting boundaries, being mindful of where we spend our energy, and how the concepts of the Soft Girl Era can provide valuable insights for living a more balanced and intentional life, regardless of your gender identity. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the Soft Girl Era and its potential to transform your life! (0:00:01) - Exploring the Soft Girl Era Soft girl era origin, pros/cons, visual elements, Kawaii/Y2K/e-girl inspiration, celebrity embrace, societal norms revolt, and how to adopt concepts. (0:09:20) - The Soft Girl Era I prioritize myself and set boundaries, while exploring the 'Soft Girl Era' and its impact on decision-making. (0:15:11) - Soft Girl Era Soft girl era's origin, pros/cons, social media messaging, and self-compassion are discussed to prioritize authenticity. Listen on Spotify or search Lani Fogelberg on your favourite Podcast Platform: Apple Podcasts: Join the conversation on Facebook: Website: and