Why We Need Problems

Season #3

Problems usually seem like things we don’t want, but what if we need them? In this episode I share some of the challenges I’ve faced to explain why we sometimes need problems to help us take action, as well as an interesting study done decades ago which hint to what might happen if life was too easy.

More Detail:
In this episode of On Track, I share my personal struggles with COVID and endometriosis, and how these challenges ultimately led to clarity and focus in my life. We also discuss the importance of problems and obstacles, drawing from a study conducted in the 1960s; cover how pain and problems can motivate us to move forward and overcome obstacles, and how staying in our comfort zones can prevent progress! Join me as I delve into strategies and insights to help you get back on track and achieve the goals you've set for yourself. Don't forget to share this episode on your Instagram story and tag me for a shout out!

Episode Keywords:
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