A pilot of the podcast that’ll help you start living the life you actually want

Season #2

Two years ago I launched a podcast on my birthday in January, but a few short months later the world was taken over by a certain virus, which made me re-think the very blunt tone I took in this show!

Before I knew it, my business took off in a direction I didn't expect and my attention was turned elsewhere. Fast forward to 2021 and I bought an apartment on New Zealand's international race track, Hampton Downs, to house my new podcast studio - 13 days before a nationwide lockdown stopped us from going out there to film episodes 😂 But the obstacle is the way, and here we are finally, 2 years from the original launch date, with a show that's going to be even more epic than the original.

I can't wait to yarn with you all about mindset and motivation, success, confidence, money, goals, and all the fun shit that makes life sparkly.

Enjoy this pilot episode and lookout for episode 1 coming on Friday 28th Jan! Follow me on Instagram @lanifogelberg