Energy to Action Part 2: Increase & Protect Your Energy

Season #1 Episode #8

This episode is part 2 of a 2-part episode series explaining two "snakes" that can prevent you from converting your energy into action, which I spoke about in S1E2 (Clarity, Meaning, Energy & Action: Climbing The Action Ladder & Avoiding Snakes). How can you go forth and conquer when you feel tired and drained? It's a simple concept to grasp - we need the energy to do the things! Physical energy can be impacted by our physical actions, as well as our thoughts and our environment. I have a lot of experience on this topic having suffered from extreme burnout in 2019 and very quickly realising the things that contributed to it, so if you're not feeling your best there are some great lessons in this episode. I talk about the absolute fundamentals of protecting and increasing your physical energy, as well as the ways people wouldn't necessarily expect, particularly around thoughts and values.

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